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To keep your products up to date with new technological developments, emerging market trends and constantly evolving global quality and environmental compliance standards you need a partner who understands your product, process and most importantly has vast experience in the industry.

Our versatile additives and lubricants, an essential element of your formulation are designed to provide optimum processability and add character to your products. They can also help improve the service life of the processed article and have an impact on the cost of formulation.

Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal to aide in developing innovative new products that could help fuel growth, competitiveness and profitability. Your search for solutions towards meeting the increasing demand for more durable and sustainable products begins here.

PVC Stabilizers

PVC Stabilizer form to be an essential part of your formulation as it aids in processing of the polymer and has a considerable impact on the service life of the processed article as it can improve weathering and heat ageing and also influence the physical properties and aesthetics.

Power Additives offers a broad range of stabilizers suitable for use in PVC extrusion, injection molding, flexible extrusion, calendering and plastisol applications.

  • Calcium Zinc Stabilizer
  • Organic Stabilizer
  • Mixed Metal Stabilizer
  • Lead One-Pack Stabilizer

Metallic Sterates

Metallic Stearates are long-chain fatty acid compounds based on different metals. They aid in gelation and impart a stabilizing effect in a variety of thermoplastics. They also impart hydrophobic and foam inhibiting properties in some cases.

  • Calcium Stearate
  • Zinc Stearate
  • Barium Stearate
  • Cadmium Stearate
  • Lead Stearate


Lubricants play an important role during processing because of its ability to decrease frictional force. Factors such as machine output, mechanical properties, appearance of end product etc. can be effectively controlled by intelligent use of lubricants.

A lubricant is classified as internal or external lubricant based on its lubricating properties. Largely lubricants exhibit both internal and external lubricating properties in conjugation with one effect dominating over the other.

  • Internal and External Lubricants

CPVC Stabilizer One-Pack

CPVC stabilizer one-pack systems are proprietary blends of stabilizer, acid scavengers, lubricants, modifiers and other essential additives. These blends offer excellent processability and superior end product properties such as improved VST and HDT.

TEMPRO CPVC stabilizer one-pack systems are available for extrusion and injection molding applications and can be customized to meet specific application and machine requirements.

  • CPVC Stabilizer One-Pack Systems

Trade Names

  • ENVOSTAB Calcium Zinc based Stabilizer systems
  • ORGANIK Organic based Stabilizer systems
  • POWERSTAB Mixed-Metal Stabilizers
  • POWERADD Lead based One-Pack Stabilizer systems and individual Stabilizers
  • POWERLUB Metallic Stearates, Lubricants and Waxes
  • TEMPRO CPVC Stabilizer One-Pack systems


Power Additives is fully committed towards the REACh legislation and has been preparing for the same to support its partners and customers.

Although REACh legislation has entered into force, many details need clarification. A lot of guidelines have been published, but further explanations and interpretations are needed hence we try keeping ourselves real-time updated with the latest REACh amendments.

We have registered under REACh all relevant substances and closely work with our suppliers to ensure that all relevant materials supplied to us are REACh registered.

In due course if a substance gets listed as SVHC, we shall promptly discontinue use of the same in our formulations and inform our customers accordingly.