Metallic Stearates

Metallic Stearates are long-chain fatty acid compounds based on different metals. They aid in gelation and impart a stabilizing effect in a variety of thermoplastics. They also impart hydrophobic and foam inhibiting properties in some cases.

Metallic Stearates mainly find use in plastic and rubber industry as a lubricant, stabilizing agent and release agents besides many other properties they may impart across different applications. In the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry they are used as hydrophobic agents to prevent agglomeration.

Product Code Chemical Name Metal % (±2) Form
Powerlub PA106 Calcium Stearate 07 Powder
Powerlub PA107 Barium Stearate 19 Powder
Powerlub PA108 Cadmium Stearate 18 Powder
Powerlub PA109 Zinc Stearate 10 Powder
Powerlub PA103 Natural Lead Stearate 27 Powder