Lubricants & Waxes


Lubricants & Waxes

Lubricants play an important role during processing because of its ability to decrease frictional force and to aid in achieving desired rheology. Factors such as machine output, mechanical properties and appearance of end product can also be controlled by intelligent use of lubricants.

They are classified into internal & external lubricants based on their lubrication properties. Largely lubricants exhibit both internal and external lubrication properties in conjugation with one effect dominating over the other.

Internal lubricants reduce frictional heat and shear between polymer molecules by lowering melt viscosity of PVC thereby improving flow characteristics whereas external lubricants reduce frictional heat between polymer molecules and metal surface thereby also improving gloss. In some cases they also promote mold release, slip effect and anti-blocking effect.

Power Additives offers Powerlub series of internal and external lubricants for a broad range of applications across multiple industries.

Product Code Chemical Name Physical Form Melting Point °C
Powerlub EL38 Stearic Acid White Flake / Bead 57 - 60
Powerlub EL39 12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid Off White Flake 74 - 77
Powerlub EL40 Glycerol Monostearate Off White Flake 56 - 58
Powerlub EL41 Glycerol Dioleate Liquid Liq. at room temp.
Powerlub EL42 Butyl Stearate Liquid Liq. at room temp.
Powerlub EL121 Oleochemical derivative Off White Powder 60 - 62
Powerlub EL321 Oleochemical derivative White Powder 58 - 60
Powerlub EL728 Fatty Acid Ester Yellowish Powder 54 - 56
Powerlub EL-C Fatty Bisamidewax White Powder 142 - 145
Powerlub OPL1 Combination Lubricant White Flake 95 - 105
Powerlub OPL2 Combination Lubricant White Flake 95 - 105
Powerlub PE70 Polyethylene Wax Flake / Powder 103 - 110
Powerlub PE90 Polyethylene Wax Bead / Powder 108 - 115
Powerlub PE-O1 Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Bead / Powder 95 - 105
Powerlub PE-O2 Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Bead / Powder 138 - 143
Powerlub FT20 Fischer-Tropsch Wax Flake / Pellet 108 - 114
Powerlub PW56 Natural Paraffin Wax White Slab 56 - 58
Powerlub PW62 Natural Paraffin Wax White Slab 60 - 62